TRI*M High Performance Organization (HiPO)


Building a high performance organization

TRI*M High Performance Organization (HiPO) provides a comprehensive framework to identify a company’s strengths, opportunities and priority improvement areas to drive growth. And it provides meaningful key performance indicators to monitor future success.

TRI*M High Performance Organization — Building a high performance organization

Employees are essential for the success of every business, and companies need to truly engage them to build strong and enduring customer relationships and deliver the optimal customer experience.

High-performing organizations go beyond employee satisfaction to achieve excellence in four areas: they have engaged employees, strong leadership, staff that are aligned with the company’s goals and strategy and organizational efficiency. Success in all of these areas is a key growth enabler.

Successful, growing companies have a common feature: they are associating involvement and effectiveness of staff with the ability to provide its customers something more than the standard set of products and services. Understanding and using this kind of relationship helps achieve better business results.

These companies demonstrate a range of impressive features that exceed the average level of efficiency, they have developed a corporate culture that is able to ensure the growth of the company in response to the challenges of a changing business conditions.


Nowadays creation of a successful organization with the most involved staff is more a necessity than luxury. Changing demographics and lack of specialists makes the selection of the right people with appropriate leadership qualities more complex, retain of talented employees is even more important task. The young generation brings new expectations, methods, values ​​of life; multi-culturalism raises the question of ethno-cultural differences, employees are increasingly using social networks to express their attitude towards employers. At the same time, staff communicates directly with consumers, customers, draws attention to the constant changes in expectations about their service at each stage of interaction.

Creating value for its employees

Knowing that behavior and attitude of staff creates the ultimate value of the product or service to customers, highly productive companies tend to form the value of work for staff through motivation, improved working environment and increased satisfaction from work. Employees of such companies feel related to the common business; they see their contribution to it and realize that the company’s mission and values ​​are brought to life with their participation.

TRI * M High Performance Organization (HiPO) you the concept of building a highly effective organization based on a deep understanding of the nature of relations with employees. It assesses the current state of the business on four key factors, as well as company-specific characteristics. We help you to focus on increasing staff engagement, leadership development, understanding of company’s strategy and moving toward its implementation, as well as on increasing of organizational effectiveness.

Questions that TRI*M High Performance Organization can answer:

  • Is my business a high performance organization?
  • How engaged are my employees and how customer focused are they?
  • How strong is the leadership within my business?
  • Are my employees aligned with our strategy and goals?
  • Is my organization well placed to be a high performance organization in terms of decision-making, efficiency, cooperation and innovation climate?
  • What actions and investment should I prioritize to become a high performance organization?

Key benefits of using TRI*M High Performance Organization:

  • Comprehensive business evaluation based on four pillars: employee engagement, leadership excellence, strategy and goal-alignment as well as organizational capability
  • Actionable recommendations and sustainable follow-up processes (e.g. consultancy exploring how to act on results, leadership coaching to help drive change)
  • Meaningful KPIs for use in incentive plans and links to financial metrics and relationship measures
  • More than 100 international experts from different backgrounds (e.g. psychology, statistics and organizational design)
  • Over 200 relevant benchmarks from more than 20 years of research conducted worldwide.