Pinpointing opportunities for growth

Matrix uses a systematic, structured approach to identify the right growth opportunities for your business. The market opportunity arises where the market offers something, but the consumer wants more. While studying differences between market supply and consumer needs, Matrix is basing on a proven model of consumer behavior making choice.

Equally effective for product renovation and innovation, Matrix searches all of the places where opportunities can hide. It identifies, sizes and prioritises these based on their growth potential, providing a full understanding of key success factors and a precise guide for the next steps in the development process.

Questions that Matrix can answer:

  • What are the underlying drivers of product choice in my category?
  • What are my biggest opportunities for top-line growth?
  • Where are the greatest threats to my business and how can I innovate to address them? What innovations should I introduce to prevent this threat?
  • How can I change my product mix to deliver incremental portfolio growth?

Key benefits of using Matrix:

  • Over 30 years’ experience in guiding innovation decisions
  • A network of experts in every major country and every conceivable product category
  • A proven consumer behavioural model that guides survey design and removes ROI uncertainty
  • An approach tailored by client goals and capabilities