Print Media Index Regions (PMI) deals with studying and analysing sociodemographics and audience of non-mass market publications.
The key peculiarity of the project is capability to analyse niche and hard-to-reach target groups.

TNS in Ukraine carries out the PMI surveys since 2002. As of today, substantially all of the press market players are the subscribers of PMI data. Annually, 10 000 interviews are conducted within the PMI project.

As a rule, the publishing houses, advertising agencies, and advertisers use the research results.
The publishers of the nationwide and sector-specific printed press use PMI data mainly to:

  • determine positioning of the edition
  • study competitive environment

The research findings are of special importance for the advertising agencies in terms of efficient media planning in the sector-specific printed press in the biggest cities.

The advertisers can use the research data to analyse the audience structure while planning advertising campaigns in periodicals.
You will get access to information on number of readers, uniqueness and loyalty of the audience, data of reading frequency of one or another edition, and to many other parameters.