On protection of data published on the Internet

Taylor Nelson Sofres Ukraine, ltd. secures scrupulous protection of any data published on the Internet. This Confidentiality Policy refers to the people who would like to review the services provided by Taylor Nelson Sofres Ukraine, ltd. and/or possibility of their employment in our company. It relates only to personal information which is delivered to the resource

This Confidentiality Policy does not cover the respondents who have ceased to participate in the survey or are being surveyed by any market study technique.

When and what information do we collect?

Your personal data is only collected when you fill in the feedback forms and deliver the data to Taylor Nelson Sofres Ukraine, ltd. or when you speak to us over the telephone.

In particular, we will collect and hold details of your name, address, email address, telephone number (including mobile number), fax number, any information that you provide about areas of interest to you, information that you provide to us additionally. We strongly believe that selection of this information is very important for us. This information could also help us in cooperation with you in the future. Any information you provide to us will be treated with care and respect.

We keep to the market research industry standards for protection of information provided to you. However, none of the methods of publishing information on the Internet and keeping it in the electronic form are 100% safe. Therefore, we do our best in order to secure full protection of your personal information, however we cannot guarantee absolute reliability. Should you have any questions concerning information security on our Web-site, your message with your inquiry to our general address from you would be much appreciated.

What do we do with your personal information?

You consent to us using your personal data to provide you with information about TNS products and services. Such information may include press releases, invitations to seminars, conferences, or presentation held by TNS, newsletters, e-newsletters, market research articles, industry analysis, corporate or financial announcements as well as general responses to any other information which you may have requested. In addition, you consent to us occasionally contacting you (including by telephone) to notify you about changes on our Web-site and new information or services which we think you may find interesting or valuable.

By sending your resume to us, you give your consent which allows us to keep and use this information for solving the matter of a possibility of filling a vacant position in our company by you or if you qualify for a position, which will appear in the future. If we decide that your candidacy meets the vacancy requirements, we may reach you on the phone, e-mail or ordinary mail, in order to discuss the details of your work in Taylor Nelson Sofres Ukraine, ltd.

Who will we share your information with?

You consent to us sharing your personal information with other companies within the Taylor Nelson Sofres group. Any of these companies may use your personal data for getting in touch with you concerning any your inquiry.

We also reserve the right, should you infringe the legislation of Ukraine in force and at the presence of a document from law-enforcement agencies, disclose your identification information in full.

Cookie files and log files

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer by a Web-site that assigns a numerical user ID and stores certain information about your online browsing. When we use cookies, we do so to help us recognise you as a prior user of this Web-site. The cookie file does not store your personal information. If you prefer not to receive cookies from our Web-site you can disable their use in your browser settings. By doing so you may reduce the functionality of the web pages you view.

Like the majority of Web-sites do, we automatically collect some information and keep it in log files. By this information one should understand the following: IP-address, browser type, Internet provider, page, from which you have moved to the Web-site, operating system type, exact date and time of switching between pages.

We use this information, which do not identify unique users, to be able to analyze visiting trends, administrate the Web-site, trace the routes of users’ switching between pages of the Web-site and for collecting demographics about the average Web-site user. The user is not identified by means of information saved automatically.


We, Taylor Nelson Sofres Ukraine, ltd., are part of Taylor Nelson Sofres plc (TNS), a member of Kantar Group (member of WPP Holding), are registered at: 1/8 Igorevska St., lit. B, 04070, Kyiv