Cookie policy

Effective date: 1 September 2015
In this policy we use the term ‘cookies’ to refer to cookies and other similar technologies covered by the EU Directive on privacy in electronic communications.
What are cookies and what are they for?
Cookies are small text files, located in browser directories. They are used by Publishers to help you navigate their websites efficiently and perform certain functions. Due to their main role of enhancing/enabling usability or site processes, disabling cookies may prevent you from using certain websites. Cookies used on mobile devices try to do the same things. However, where on your computer cookies inhabit your browsers, in mobile they also need to operate in your various native applications more commonly known as apps.
How we use cookies
Our cookies help Publishers to display information and ads more effectively, and to better serve you with more tailored information. We may also use cookies to gather statistical information about the usage of the online content (for example sites, audios, videos, ad campaigns and other online content) in order to improve the content’s functionality and to understand how you interact with the content.
Information included in cookie files helps understand what you find interesting and useful in the Publishers’ content, what advertising campaigns are effective and to learn what is the aggregated demographic composition of a content’s visitors and users or of a specific ad campaign audience. Thanks to the data stored in cookies one can watch ads that are in accordance with his/her interests and simultaneously one does not have to watch ads he/she finds boring.
Our cookies on this site may have the functionalities of ‘essential’ and ‘functional’ cookies.
Essential cookies are sometimes called «strictly necessary» as without them we cannot provide many services that you need. For example, essential cookies help keep you securely logged in between pages while you use our services. Functional cookies allow us to remember any preferences you’ve made and we use them to improve your online experience. For example, functional cookies will store your Account email address and username so you don’t have to re-type them every time you visit the site. Remembering your choices helps us or Publishers provide enhanced, more personal features.
Additionally, cookies used on this site and used in our Client’s content may have the functionalities of ‘performance’ and ‘targeted’ cookies:
Performance cookies collect anonymous information about how you use the our site (or our Client’s content).These cookies don’t collect any information that could identify you – all the information collected is anonymous. It helps us and our Client’s understand how the content works, understand what interests the visitors and content users or to measure how effective advertising is. Targeted cookies collect information when you visit different websites to understand what you’re interested in, and use this information to display more relevant information to you. We use these cookies to provide advertising agencies with information on your visit on our Client’s site so that they can present you with adverts that you may be interested in. We may also deliver content and marketing communications tailored to your interests based on information from your visit
How to control and delete cookies
You can control whether or not the cookies are used, but please, be aware that preventing them may stop us and our Client’s from offering you some services.
If you don’t wish us to collect statistical data regarding your online behavior, you can:

  • Accept a special OPTOUT cookie
  • Set your browser to clear cookies on browser close.
  • Disable cookies and local storage in your browser following the instructions for your browser type:

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Press “[Ctrl + Shift + Delete]” keys. You will be shown a list of items to delete. You can select ‘Cookies’, ‘Cache’ and ‘Offline Website Data’ and then click the ‘Clear Now’ button to remove all of the information we were saving for you.
  • Select ‘Tools’ > ‘Options’ and then open the ‘Privacy’ tab – you can then click the ‘remove individual cookies’ link to choose whether to accept, block, or prompt for cookies/localstorage.
  • in the browser bar type: ‘about:config’ (Accept the security warning). Then filter ‘’ and change its value from ‘true’ to ‘false’’.


  • Press [Ctrl + Shift + Delete] keys. You will be shown a list of items. In the ’Privacy’ section, click on the ‘Clear browsing data…’ button and then check the box for ‘Delete cookies and other site data’. Finally, select the time period from the drop-down that you wish to clear and select the ‘Clear browsing data’ button.
  • Click the Wrench and choose ‘Options’, go to the ‘Under the Hood’ tab, select ‘Content Settings’, and choose the ‘Block any sites from setting data’ option. The LocalStorage will be blocked.

Internet Explorer 11:

  • Select the ‘Tools’ > ‘Internet Options’ menu item and then select the ‘Delete…’ button under the ‘General’ tab. Check the ‘Cookies’ option, check/uncheck other options as required, and select the ‘Delete’ button.
  • Select the ‘Tools’ > ‘Internet Options’ menu item and then open the ‘Privacy’ tab – you can then adjust the slider to block or allow various types of cookies/localstorage. Alternatively, by clicking the ‘Advanced’ button you can exercise finer control over the browser’s behavior by choosing whether to accept, block, or prompt for cookies/localstorage.


  • Select the ‘Tools’ in the main menu, then go to ‘Preferences’ at the bottom of the File menu (or press Alt+P to access them directly). Select ‘Advanced’, then ‘Storage’, then press ‘Clear all’ button.
  • Select the ‘Tools’ in the main menu, then go to ‘Preferences’ at the bottom of the File menu (or press Alt+P to access them directly). Click ‘Privacy’ and select one of the available options.
  • in the browser bar type: ‘opera:config’. Find localStorage’ and set ‘0’ (zero) in the «Domain Quota Exceeded Handling For localStorage», «Domain Quota For localStorage» fields.

Please note that your recent searches, favorite/saved locations, and log-in information will not be retained if you disable your storage settings.
In relation to apps on mobile devices, these applications should give possibility of cookies control and deletion.
Considering large amount and diversity of mobile browsers we cannot provide you clear information on this site. If you want to receive valid information about this type of cookies, use ‘contact us’ details on this site.
Updates to Cookie Policy
This policy is based on the legal and factual situation as of effective date and is periodically reviewed. We encourage you to review this Policy from time to time to ensure that you stay apprised of any changes. If we make a vital change to it, we will post a visible notice on this site 14 calendar days prior to the implementation of this change and we’ll ask your consent in the form compliant with the applicable law. Your use of the Site following these changes means that you accept the revised Policy.
Contacting us
If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy please contact us: