Corporate and social responsibility

Youth Studies Marketing

Since 2006 our Company carries out the All-Ukrainian student marketing researches awards in honor of Igor Tkachenko «Youth studies marketing» together with Ukrainian Marketing Association. The competition gives talented students a chance to explore their opportunities, due to the fact that they can show their skills to leading experts and get an objective assessment of knowledge or even a job or training in the company. Discourse with experts in the field of marketing research, helps students to understand the real requirements and needs of the market and transfer their theoretical knowledge in the practical sphere.


Igor Tkachenko Scholarship Fund at the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

TNS in Ukraine is a partner of the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and since 2008 we organize contest for the best PR and sociology students. Scholarships to the winners are granted by Igor Tkachenko Scholarship Fund. The idea of the competition is to identify not just excellent or diligent students, that can use what they’ve heard in class, but really talented, motivated young people, for whom the scholarship and competition would be a tool to gain experience and new knowledge.


Student awards SMART START

In 2016, TNS in cooperation with the Igor Tkachenko’s Foundation launched a nationwide analytical student contest SMART START. The competition aims to give an understanding of practical side of research and analytics and enables students to discover their abilities. During the preparation of the contest we closely cooperate with teachers and university representatives in order to increase the practical value of each work.


Support of injured soldiers and help for internal refugees

We support Ukrainian soldiers who were injured in ATO area. Our employees take care after Irpen military hospital by supplying with expendable supplies and equipment to support proper operations conduction and make after operation period more comfortable.
TNS in Ukraine employees are sure that children are our future, so we take care after soldiers’ children and internal refugees. In order to do that, we cooperate with the project «Young. Children above all » and help them organize activities and workshops for children. More about the company’s social activities, you can find on our Facebook page: