TOP popular web-sites in Ukraine (February 2016)

According to TNS study CMeter, TOP-3 most popular sites among Ukrainian internet users in February are,, top_02 eng

CMeter integrates data from 3 sources:

  1. Site-centric counters integrated into websites. Currently, the measurement is active on about 250 sites, 30 of which with video-fixating.
  2. Frame–centric- counters are installed not on the website, but in the banner network frame. Currently, measurement includes more than 2,500 sites
  3. User-centric- panel that covers about 4,000 respondents each day, along with standard parameters (hits, reach, socio-demographic indicators and so on for all sites, which respondents have contacted with) also captures panelists’ contacts with content.

Data from all sources are combined in real time, guaranteeing no loss of data.