Customer Interaction Strategies


Successful and growing companies recognize the customers as an asset to drive growth of their business through possible attraction of new customers and increase of motivation to additional purchase among the current customers. They know that their employees are very important in formation of customer’s product satisfaction (positive customer experience).

Successful companies build a loyal customer base by creating and consistently delivering outstanding customer experiences by focusing on the areas that really matter most to the customers. These companies go beyond employee engagement by establishing a high performance culture that delivers greater value to customers than just a simple set of product and services and facilitates growth for business.

The solutions we offer will enable the companies to optimize services and processes that help serving the clients efficiently.

Customer Complete is our new approach to innovative customer management. We shall help your company to navigate the complex world of customer data and to deliver optimal return on your customer activities.

TNS offers the most comprehensive set of tools for generation of consumer insights on information received from the various communication channels — traditional, digital, social media, and also from the analysis of employee behavior and daily customer interactions.


Within expertise in building customer interaction strategy, we help you in solving such problems as:

• Keeping consumers, enhancing their loyalty and satisfaction;
• Development of relations with employees, the employer brand management;
• Goodwill management;
• Increasing efficiency of internal business processes;
• Increasing volumes of repeat sales by improving experience of using the product / service.

  • Customer relationships
  • Employee engagement
  • Real-time Customer Feedback

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