Empowering marketing in the digital era

Technology continues to reshape consumer behaviour and redefines marketing tasks. Marketing insights need to reflect this new market dynamic and today’s market environment: to succeed in this environment, it is necessary to response effectively and in time to the opportunities arisen in connections with new technology and uprising of different types of data.

At TNS, we are constantly investing in new technology and data sources to improve the depth and value of our researches. We complement our core research offers with the methods such as social media monitoring, techniques with use of mobile communication (interviewing, surfing monitoring), collection of techno-metric data of the Internet traffic, , and study of social media audiences. By doing this, we help you to better understand the contemporary market processes, and to ensure data compliance with the requirements of digital technology era.

We are the experts in the sphere of integrated marketing and meet the challenge of the most effective use of digital tools in the context of traditional media. We invest in the world’s most comprehensive study of digital behaviour to keep in touch with changing consumer life to help you make the decisions that will grow your business.

  • Integrated marketing
  • Technology enabled research

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