Kantar Qualitative


Inspiring growth

At Kantar Qualitative, we believe that inspiring qualitative research makes the difference between standing still and unlocking real business growth. Our multi-method, behaviour-focused approaches give tangible direction to create change in the marketplace.

We provide a deep and broad understanding of people as individuals, in their multiple contexts and identities. Drawing from the latest thinking in behavioural economics, cognitive psychology and cultural anthropology, we put context at the heart of our qualitative approaches.

Our in-house qualitative team in Ukraine includes the best qualitative practitioners who strive to inspire you with new ways of looking at your business. The team includes 7 high-experienced professionals with background in psychology, sociology and telecommunications who have been working in the research market from 2 to 15 years.

  • Behavior change
  • Innovation and ideation
  • People and expertise
  • Technology enabled research

Our other areas of expertise:

Brand & CommunicationCustomer Interaction StrategiesDigitalInnovation & Product DevelopmentRetail & Shopper