Political and Social


Informing social policy and the political process

The needs of citizens are changing rapidly. Government policies and social programmes need to respond to these changing needs. And in an age of economic uncertainty there is increased pressure for accountability of expenditure – on governments, political parties and NGOs.

Robust, innovative research is needed to guide the development of policies and political strategies, and to evaluate their effectiveness and return on investment.

Kantar has the leading political and social research unit in the world. With over 500 dedicated social researchers in more than 40 countries, KantarPolitical & Social is uniquely placed to conduct research on any social issue, in any environment.

Kantar Ukraine has a long experience and unstained reputation in conducting political and social research as in Ukraine so in other CIS countries.

We assist decision makers in a wide range of policy areas: health, education, social services, environment, labour market, family policy, public transport, road safety, justice, community integration — to name a few.

We provide political parties with strategic advice during elections and conduct social polling.

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