TNS Healthcare sector grants a broad range of research services to the international and regional pharmaceutical and biotech companies, diagnostic centres and manufacturers of medical devices. Our team of experts works closely with the doctors, patients and medical representatives and provides the TNS Healthcare clients with information, which helps them to make effective business solutions. The results of our work facilitate to determine priorities for product development, to differentiate brands and to ensure profitability after product launching etc.

We have a unique approach that combines clinical, medical and methodological expertise with commercial and marketing know-how and in-house data. This is one of a kind combination of data together with our tremendous experience in the field of reputation studies, service quality assessment and service satisfaction promotes making timely and effective solutions that empower our clients to develop their business and to grant optimal products and services to their customers.

Clients of this sector have the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate potential of the pharmaceuticals market depending on a patient profile
  • Quantify a patient’s unmet needs
  • Develop marketing strategies aimed at specific patient/consumer segments
  • Evaluate advertising campaign efficiency
  • Study awareness level of a drug and its use
  • Determine price elasticity for the drugs
  • Study perception of healthcare facilities by the patients, evaluate the service level and quality of services
  • Determine perception level of pharmaceutical companies, image of the companies
  • Evaluate effectiveness of medical representatives
  • Study level of consumer loyalty
  • Testing (product concept, TV advertising, package, visuals etc.)