Telecommunication and technology


TNS Technology sector carries out comprehensive marketing researches for the hi-tech industry.
The sector team consists of professional market researchers with extensive knowledge not only in their professional field, but also in the area of clients’ specialization. While performing the work, the TNS Technology specialists demonstrate an individual approach to each client with consideration of challenges and objectives set before the hi-tech companies.

TNS Technology clients: leading manufacturers and retailers of household appliances and electronics, landline and mobile communication providers, Internet-providers, cable television operators, telecommunication equipment manufacturers and back-end solution developers, software solution providers in the sphere of IT security, software and operating system developers.
Within the global initiatives of the company, TNS Technology performs the international study ‘Connected Life’ dedicated to study the behaviour, motivation and priorities of the Internet users in 50 countries.

Research types in the sector:

  • Tracking researches (brand health index, efficiency of advertising campaigns, and sponsorship)
  • Segmentation of consumers, products, situation of services consumption / usage
  • Introduction of a new product to the market: concept development and test, product and pack test, and potential evaluation
  • Advertising campaign efficiency assessment
  • Advertising materials test (pre-test and post-campaign)
  • Reputation studies
  • Consumer satisfaction assessment
  • Evaluation of buyer’s shopping behaviour and analysis of consumer motivation to purchasing