Winning the brand share battle

While brand share may look stable, the reality of today’s marketing environment is far more dynamic. Overall brand share dangerously disguises people’s movement from brand to brand and spending patterns across repertoires. The key to share protection and growth lies in managing this promiscuity.

To help brands thrive, ConversionModel thoroughly evaluates the two critical factors affecting brand choice: power in the mind (how people feel about a brand) and power in the market (situational factors such as price and availability that also influence decisions).

ConversionModel uses our understanding of individual consumers to provide detailed insights into category dynamics and spending patterns, pinpointing opportunities to attract new consumers, re-win existing ones and to optimize their spending.

Questions that ConversionModel can answer:

  • What potential is there to grow my brand?
  • Where are the risks and opportunities for my brand?
  • Which competitors pose a threat or opportunity for my brand – and what do I need to do to protect my brand share or gain from competitors?
  • How can I attract new customers or increase my share of customer’s spend?
  • What motivates people to use a particular product? And which market factors enable or restrict choice?

Key benefits of using ConversionModel:

  • Proven over 25 years as a model for understanding and predicting brand growth
  • Track record of driving brand growth for clients through tailored, actionable recommendations
  • Provides a holistic brand strength framework that links directly to behaviour and is essential to understanding a brand’s position in the marketplace
  • Delivered by the world’s leading brand and communications research agency with more than 400 experts worldwide
  • Rooted in a deep understanding of habits, decision-making and behaviour change