Decoding customer relationships

At the heart of every customer relationship is a unique Customer Code. It holds the key to identifying and matching up what customers expect from you with what delivers truly profitable growth for your business.

TRI*M is our unique approach to cracking the Customer Code. It will help you to understand which experiences matter most to your customers – and which therefore matter most to your business. By revealing what’s critical and what’s not, understanding your Customer Code will help you to create stronger customer loyalty and drive profitable growth.

Questions that TRI*M can answer:

  • How strong are my customer relationships?
  • How can I make sure my investment in customer experience is rewarded with loyalty and preference?
  • How much of my business is at risk, and where would it go to?
  • Which aspects of competitive offerings are attracting customers?
  • How good is my company’s performance on specific customer services and customer touchpoints?
  • What has the greatest impact on my relationships and where should we focus resources?

Key benefits of using TRI*M:

  • Complete, future-focused view of customer relationships and the competitive context
  • Clear guidance on return on investment, budget and resource allocation and organizational effectiveness
  • Incorporates the latest behavioral economics thinking on how customers make decisions
  • Efficient, proven and validated KPI that links to transactional programmes and supports CEM incentive plans
  • Network of over 800 experts in 80 countries and the world’s largest database (19,000+ surveys across all industries and regions

More than half of the Fortune 100 companies are already using TRI *M complex solutions. Results of the study allow them to grow and successfully manage business performance (customer base, turnover, level of staff turnover etc.).