Building irresistible brands

There are many popular brands, but only a few have the magnetic power of irresistibility. Irresistible brands evoke a powerful desire that makes choosing them inevitable and competing with them impossible. Irresistibility drives real strategic and economic advantage.

At the heart of irresistibility is a deep understanding of consumer needs including the underlying emotive needs driving choice.

NeedScope understands what drives irresistibility with proprietary models to uncover these needs and a powerful brand planning framework that adds value throughout the marketing process.

Find out how to make your brand irresistible with NeedScope.

Questions that NeedScope can answer:

  • Is my brand irresistible – and how can I improve its irresistibility?
  • What are the greatest opportunities in my market – and how can I position my brand to take advantage?
  • How can I optimise my brand or product portfolio?
  • Are there unmet consumer needs my brand could be addressing?
  • Can my brand stretch to new areas through innovation?

Key benefits of using NeedScope:

  • In-depth qualitative and quantitative research to reveal what your category really means to consumers
  • A precise understanding of the range and depth of emotive needs driving brand choice – and how to address them
  • Unique insight on the 8 apps that drive irresistibility for brands, with a customised plan for competitive advantage
  • Identify and size the need-states that offer the opportunity for irresistibility, with clear strategies for achieving and maintaining it
  • Can my brand stretch to new areas through innovation?