Privacy policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of internet users and security of the data we collect. We  ensure the compliance with the European Union privacy laws for all companies belonging to TNS Ukraine. We also place special value on the creation of own active privacy policies and on the participation in global changes of privacy laws. Below you can find main rules that we follow. Please, see also links on this site to learn more.


We are committed to being responsible controller of the personal data that we process. We use tools and methods to protect internet user anonymity in our researches.


We offer clear and meaningful choice when internet users are making decisions about use of their personal data.


Confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) is a model which guides our policies for information security. Confidentiality limits access to information, integrity assures that the information is trustworthy, and availability is a guarantee of access to the information by authorized people.


We process only the data necessary for specified, legal purposes.


We implement privacy protection in the development of our researches in such a way that the data processing ensure the protection of the privacy of the internet users.

We may use cookies to gather statistical information about the usage of the online content (for example ad campaigns) in order to learn what is the aggregated demographic composition of a specific ad campaign audience. Cookies collect anonymous information about how you contacted with our Client’s content. These cookies don’t collect any information that could identify you – all the information collected is anonymous. It helps us and our Client’s understand how the content works and to measure Clients’s advertising